Meet O’Shea



I am a multi-facted dedicated self-growth advocate who teaches women from all walks of life how to manifest their best life by cultivating an authentic self-love practice every day.

I have mastered the art of resilience and using my challenges to fuel my addiction to growing myself further. I fully believe in the principles that I have taught women and have made it my life’s goal to help as many women possible using the SBBS method.

What’s that you ask? The SBBS (Self, Balance, Brainpower, Signature) method reflect the steps that I took to go from feeling “depressed and unworthy” to knowing that I can claim my own happiness through my own terms. I committed myself to 12 weeks of nonstop self-insight and happiness “training,“ and was able to make a transformation that changed my life miraculously. I’ve since helped women to do the same, in just 8 weeks.