Are you ready to learn how to

  • Identify the beliefs & thought patterns that are keeping you from accepting yourself for who you are

  • Remove self-sabotage from your life

  • Create a new reality based on your thoughts

  • Cultivate healthier daily habits that benefit you

  • Build a blueprint for making self-love plan that aligns with you

  • Practice life changing self-acceptance


what (other than my hair and glasses) is the difference between these two photos?

Me in 2016


Me in 2018


If you couldn’t guess it, don’t worry (it’s not obvious).

the only difference between these two photos is that in

  • 2016, this smile was in-genuine 
  • 2018, this smile came from a place of authentic self-love

Why do I bring this up? Well,

It is no secret that the “fake it til you make it“ system is a big part of women’s lives.

But, what I have learned, through my own experience, and working with women, is that this only takes you so far.

Yeah, you may look happy, but that’s not what you want is it? You want to ACTUALLY BE HAPPY.

I’ve heard plenty of stories of women who struggle with self-sabotage, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, & the list goes on.

What these women have in common, is that they do not prioritize self-love.

They attach their worth to external factors (their relationships, their weight, their job, etc.)

They allow other people to dictate their day.

They can’t remember what it’s like to love themselves.

They forget that they have the power to make self-love a priority and remove self-doubt.

Once we truly realize that we have the power to create the reality that we want to live in, the next step is clear — change your reality.

Still with me?

Stop romancing “self-care”, and start focusing on the inner work that you need to do to change your mindset & create a lifestyle that aligns with the version of you who is free to be herself, who loves herself unconditionally, who steps into her power and confronts life with confidence.

It is time to reconnect with her & I am here to walk you through the steps that I’ve used, and helped other women use, to reconnect to our authentic self.

Are you ready to embrace the “Signature Self Lifestyle" and cultivate authentic self-love?

**Please note that the course goes LIVE on April 8th.

Meet O’Shea



I am a multi-facted dedicated self-growth advocate who teaches women from all walks of life how to manifest their best life by cultivating an authentic self-love practice every day.

I have mastered the art of resilience and using my challenges to fuel my addiction to growing myself further. I fully believe in the principles that I have taught women and have made it my life’s goal to help as many women possible using the SBBS method.

What’s that you ask? The SBBS (Self, Balance, Brainpower, Signature) method reflect the steps that I took to go from feeling “depressed and unworthy” to knowing that I can claim my own happiness through my own terms. I committed myself to 12 weeks of nonstop self-insight and happiness “training,“ and was able to make a transformation that changed my life miraculously. I’ve since helped women to do the same, in just 8 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

when does the next course begin?

The next course program will go LIVE on April 8th! You will have access to each week’s content after you complete the previous week’s assignments.

how long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course as long as you keep your account active.

what can I expect to learn in the 8 weeks?

Great question! Although note that this course is not merely to teach you about self-love, but is to teach you how to practice it on a daily basis.

See below for the course outline.

weekly course outline




You will receive my “SELF-LOVE BLUEPRINT” and step-by-step video lessons & guides. You’ll also learn my SBBS Method to managing your life better in 6 weeks.


bridge the gap


You will write your “Signature Self Statement” and position yourself as an expert on you and develop your plan to become a self-love advocate by bridging the gap between where you are & where you want to be.


shift your mind


You will write your “Self-Compassion Contract” and start dissecting your limiting beliefs/negative self-talk.




You will develop your  “Self-love session guidebook” and start thinking about how you can use your power every day by planning and executing your “Self-love sessions.”


time is your friend


You will develop your ideal day and create your Signature day plan, so that you can stop making excuses about what you have time for.


why self-care matters


You will develop your “Self-care session guidebook” and start thinking about how you can use your power every day by planning and executing your “Self-care sessions.”


signature space


You will transform your space by creating a Signature self alter and doing a Signature cleanse.


signature presence


You will discover your how to use your strengths, passions and interests to your advantage to make your presence known.